Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • desi3933
    02-21 08:29 AM
    My concern is (1) that when the time comes to adjudicate his 485, someone might look back and say err, ten years ago there was a problem... I hope it won't happen, but I just want to be safe and my understanding is that returning with a stamped H4 would cure this and (2) that if we decide to go for the stamping, whether someone in the embassy would dig up the records and cause us problems.

    Thanks for the insight.

    For employment based I-485, out of status is looked only since last entry into US on visa. Even then out-of-status (since last entry) for upto 180 days is forgiven as per section 245(k).

    Here is my old post dated 09/09/2008 on this topic

    Section 245(k) allows adjustment of status if person is out of status for less than 180 calendar days since last legal entry into the US. Entering US on AP does NOT count as legal entry.

    And, my last point, out of status rule applies ONLY to applicants 17 years or older. so your son is ok.

    In short, aal izz well.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

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  • saro28
    12-20 08:13 PM
    To my surprise, we just received both EAD & AP with corrected information. The mail room person did put in a folder and sent it overnight DHL. Sweet!

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  • yabadaba
    06-25 02:32 PM
    ask the lawyer what he was thinking

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  • tinku01
    09-17 06:46 PM

    I recieved my green card last month through Consular Processing and now getting a good offer. Is it OK to join another company just after 1 month of green card or I should wait for some more time. NEED SUGGESTIONS from experts:D


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  • gova123
    08-27 02:08 PM
    When did this change? I got it renewed from Washington DC a year back

    I think it is stated in their website and also someone in the forum was saying this. Did you happen to be in Florida when you renewed the passport last year from DC. if yes, then I can send it to DC as they seem to renew in 10 business days. Am i right...............

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  • satyasaich
    09-23 06:29 AM
    Well instead of going back after H1 expires, the people can chose to be illegals. Then their Kids will get GC under the DREAM ACT.:D
    though hilariously said, you have a point indeed.


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  • perm2gc
    08-23 05:00 PM
    in EB3, EB2 and EB1
    did you make any calculations based on numbers.?????

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  • vine93
    08-06 09:19 PM
    Please sit together and talk.


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  • bmoni
    12-26 09:51 AM
    I will be calling in.

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  • kirupa
    03-02 04:07 AM
    Lill - the last day is March 27th :)


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  • msp1976
    02-09 03:59 PM
    All non-Indian members....

    At present India is the most retrogressed country...This is just an attempt to gauge the extent of retrogression....
    This poll does not imply that you are not valuable and your concerns are not cared for...

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  • sanjay
    01-12 11:00 AM
    Suvendra, sent you a private message. Kindly check.


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  • FinalGC
    11-06 11:43 AM
    Here is a crutch for you.

    You have an employee agreement which says that you will be paid health benefits. All you need to tell your Company A (if he comes after you), that you will report them to USCIS that you have exploited him and gave the wrong information before joining the company. This will prevent any desi..staffing company to advance to you, since all their future H1's will be heavily scrutinized and possibly his company will be shut down. He will have his own battle with USCIS. This will prevent him to come after you.

    If I were you, I would have all kinds of written emails and documents ready for me to show the old employer that you have proof that the old employer was exploiting you.....I am sure you can come up with tons of things, like not paying on bench. Don't ever talk such matter, always write emails and ask feedback.

    Email trails are the best way to keep all these staffing and desi companies at bay and prevent them from exploiting employees......I am speaking from experience buddy.....I had one guy after me and being a PM, by profession I saved all such email trails and he knew that. When I left him he gave me back the $11K, that he had taken from me illegally.

    Yes, it is a good idea to spend 100-200 bucks with a reputed attorney like Murthy or Khanna or Shusterman to check your status before you jump. This will give you additional confidence to jump ship.

    I get sad and angry at these desi employers who exploit their employees....I am sure some day they will reap what they have harvested....tears and pain of these exploited employees.....

    My suggestion to my fellow colleagues is...those of have gone through this struggle...please do not become like them when you too come out of this GC maze.....

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  • pdakwala
    03-01 08:04 PM
    Support IV now or else start packing bags. There are few things that you can do and that is not difficult.

    1. Become member of IV
    2. Support them by contributing money.
    3. Support them by taking part in conference call and meet the lawmakers.

    You can do it. By the way stop giving others BS that

    1. We are on H1B and so no one will hear us.
    2. Is it legal or illlegal to contributing money.

    These are nothing but just excuseS. In reallity you don't have guts and faith in yourself.


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  • ChainReaction
    04-18 07:09 AM

    04/18/2006: Bi-Specialization and Reshaping Service Centers Processing Times Report

    The bi-specialization initiative that went into effect on April 1, 2006 is expected to bring about the changes in the Service Centers processing times report. The latest reports have already reported the following two changes in I-140 petition processing times report:
    California Service Center ceased reporting I-140 processing times
    Nebraska Service Center I-140 petition processing times have jumped remarkably since the April 10, 2006 report as follows:
    04/10/2006 Report 04/15/2006 Report
    EB-1A 10/01/2005 03/01/2006
    EB-1B 11/12/2005 03/01/2006
    EB-1C 12/17/2005 03/15/2006
    EB-2 12/10/2005 12/15/2005
    NIW 12/10/2005 03/15/2006
    EB-3 10/16/2005 02/15/2006
    EB-3EW 01/15/2006 03/15/2006
    Schedule A 12/17/2005 02/01/2006

    Texas Service Center I-140 petition processing times was already January 2006 in April 10, 2006 Report. It is likely that TSC I-140 processing times may also reveal some changes in the next report.
    We will keep watching the development and effect of the bi-specialization program. The next review will focus on EB-485 processing patterns in these Service Centers. Please stay tuned to this web site.
    Speedy processing times will help some of the recent PERM application filers whose H-1B approaches the six-year limit and who cannot apply for extension of 7th-year extension of H-1B for failure to prove 365 days pending labor certification before reaching H-1B six year limit. Since the PERM applications are nowadays adjudicated in about three months and I-140 petition adjudication takes between two months and three months, they will be able to apply for three-year increment H-1B extension if their visa numbers are retrogressed. Late starters of PERM applications should consider two options to extend their H-1B extension beyond six years while they wait for the visa numbers: One is overseas trips and recapture of H-1B times abroad. The second is prompt processing of I-140 petitions and filing of three-year increment H-1B extensions.

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  • posmd
    06-08 07:45 PM
    I have approved EB3 LC and approved I 140 with PD JAN 2002. My wife has approved EB2 LC (Perm) and Approved I 140 with PD JAN 2006
    As we represent one family can't my wife use my PD and apply I 485 under EB2.
    for example If husband is born in a retrogressed country and wife in a non retrogressed country in that case, husband gets a free ride !
    Why not in this case ? Just curious !

    Faced with this same predicament. The truth is the US immigration rules were not made to cater for this era of fast paced change and lifestyles.

    When the current EB rules were fashioned, mostly in the early 1960s most families had one working household and were generally migrating in the very highest skills level. Opportunities in the high skilled fields were also not as prevalent as they are today. US was not the knowledge economy it is today.

    In the same sense people if they would migrate did so just once in their lifetime, nowadays people often shift 3 places sometimes even more. Hence your citizenship does not count, only your birth place. Imagine the insanity in a scenario that you are from antigua and you are born in India while your father was serving as the consul general there. If fate and destiny have you wishing to immigrate to the US now in the EB2 category then you would have to have a PD of Jan 2003 as opposed to current.
    Many such combinations are possible, but in my humble view all this country quota stuff for EB based immigration is ridiculous and worse yet when it takes no acccount of population size. Clearly they ought to be more discerning in who they allow in via EB immigration by tightening the regulations as they stand currently, but this insane quota is off base in todays world.
    A quota system for family or any other type of immigration is more reasonable, but once it is deemed you are immigrating based on your skills why should something else matter in this land of opportunity where every man is considered equal and is said to rise or fall on his ability and nothing else. Perhaps others know the answer to this but it befuddles me and makes me realise how antequated the rules really are.


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  • snhn
    07-14 09:51 AM
    suppose this SKIll bill is passed, probablly not this year since election are aboutto happen. what are the chances that EB3 worldwidw will become current when SKILL BILL goes into affect. I am sure there are majority of people here are Eb3 category.

    What if someone is got a few monts left before they finsih the Masters, but their process in in EB3. Can they take advantage of this bill. Obviouslly one has to finish the degree first.


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  • kpchal2
    03-03 07:42 AM
    Hello forum gurus
    I am planning on moving from Company A to Company B. I have an approved I-140 from Company A which was approved in Sept 2007 and also applied for 485 on July 2nd 2007. It has been almost 1.5 yrs since I applied for 485 and I-140 approval.

    Planning to move from Company A to Company B. Company A will not revoke my I-140 that is for sure. I am moving to a good company with 1000+ workforce and in an upcoming industry. It is not a consulting firm. It is a product based company. My wife is currently on EAD and is relying on it to work.

    What are the odds that my AC21 may be wrongfully denied. I am having a hard time sleeping while thinking about this. I am on my H1. Can she still use her EAD while we file a petition for Motion to Reopen in the event that the 485 is wrongfully denied or does she have to change to H4 immediatly.

    Can some one share your thoughts.

    thanks in advance

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  • va_dude
    03-09 01:21 PM
    To port from EB3 to EB2, you will need an approved EB2 labor.
    You can't just randomly convert your EB3 to EB2 just because you are more qualified, etc. Besides the category, Eb1,2,3 is determined by the job requirements, not your qualification. So you could be a PhD from MIT, but if the job requires only a Bachelor's for example, you can't do an Eb2.

    So in your case, your new employer C would need to file for a new labor in EB2 and then do the 140 after labor approval.

    I'm not a 100% sure if you can do the porting while filing the new 140 or only after its approval. For that you might need to confirm with an attorney consult.

    My advice - spend the 100/200 bucks and get a 1 hour consult with a reputed attorney or the attorney that employer C works with.

    10-02 02:12 AM
    Anyone with Oct 06 or earlier RD still waiting for I-140 approval?

    I am on eb2 and the application is in Nebreska service center...3 weeks back or so they got a RFE, do not know what the RFE is about yet ....!!

    Are you also waiting for 140 approval ?

    I think h my filing (or was it receipt date) was oct 24, 2006.

    04-13 10:46 AM
    Will IV be trying to campaign/lobby against the 180 day delay?

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